Get ready for Brexit events

Despite our politicians taking five weeks off with pay (although the Scottish Appeal Court has judged this to be an illegal prorogation), their civil servants are still hard at it, churning out information costing billions about Brexit.

Here’s the latest:

The UK government has launched a ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ public information campaign to help ensure the general public and businesses are ready when the UK leaves the EU on 31 October 2019.

Many businesses will be affected by changes as we leave the EU, particularly those who:

  • import or export
  • deal with data
  • employ EU nationals

A new checker tool will help businesses to identify quickly what they need to do to ‘Get Ready for Brexit’.

As part of the campaign, starting from Monday 16 September, there will be 30 ‘Get Ready for Brexit’ events across the country for businesses and organisations. To find out more and book, visit Brexit Business Readiness Events.

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