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Samaritans voice concerns for the lonely this Christmas

Christmas will be a tough time for some even without a global pandemic to deal with, say Samaritans, as the charity’s latest research shows being separated from family and loved ones over the Christmas period is one of the biggest concerns facing callers. It is easy for those of us […]

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Can you unintentionally bully someone? Here’s the science

Priti Patel says she didn’t intend to harm staff. Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA Geoff Beattie, Edge Hill University I was nine. Some girl, maybe around 15 or 16, old enough to tower over me, asked whether Bill Beattie was my brother. I nodded. Without saying another word she grabbed me by my […]

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Closing the mobile phone loophole

People using a hand-held mobile phone in all circumstances while driving will be breaking the law, under new government plans unveiled by Roads Minister Baroness Vere today (17 October 2020) to close a legislation loophole and improve road safety. It’s already a criminal offence to use a hand-held mobile phone […]

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How ‘hyperlocal’ journalism can restore trust in the media

Shutterstock/TeroVesalainen Una Murphy, Coventry University It is a critical time for public interest journalism. Trust in the mainstream media is a major problem as fake news spreads unabated on social networks. One of the key issues is the disappearance of local newspapers which could prove to be “catastrophic” for some […]

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Alcohol abuse a big contributor to lockdown divorce

Research carried by UK online divorce company has found that during the key part of the UK national lockdown, nearly 1 in 4 behaviour-based divorce petitions prepared by the company mentioned alcohol abuse as a key reason for the divorce being filed. The company prepared 700 behaviour petitions between 31st March […]

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Many uni students do not feel safe to recommence face to face teaching in September

New results from a survey conducted by the National Union of Students (NUS) of 1,067 students show how important it is for universities not to rush to bring students back on to campus too quickly. Any move to do so is likely to undermine students’ confidence in their own safety. […]

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How to maintain a slower pace of life after lockdown

Shutterstock Giana M Eckhardt, Royal Holloway and Katharina C. Husemann, Royal Holloway Before lockdown, our lives were defined by speed. Rushing around, living life at rocket pace was the norm. Keeping up with work responsibilities, social obligations and the latest tech or fashion trends was a neverending feat. Only a […]

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Face coverings compulsory on public transport

The government will work with operators to make it mandatory for passengers to wear face coverings when using public transport in England, the Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced on 4 June 2020. Wherever possible people should continue to avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive, but for some people, […]

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1 in 8 households in GB has no garden

It is easy to be judgemental about other people’s moral compasses but these figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) made me sit up and think how lucky I am and how much easier it is to do social distancing if living in a house with a garden or […]

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The science of sleep: how sharing your dreams could help to improve your relationships

Storytelling and empathy – the power of sharing your dreams. Julia Lockheart/Sleep Lab, Author provided Mark Blagrove, Swansea University and Julia Lockheart, University of Wales Trinity Saint David When you wake up from a strange or particularly memorable dream, how likely are you to share it? Maybe you might tell […]

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