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Prince Philip dies: old-school European aristocrat and dedicated royal consort

Sean Lang, Anglia Ruskin University The death of Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh marks the end of a chapter not just for the British royal family – but for European monarchy itself. Philip belonged to that cosmopolitan world of interrelated royals that had ruled Europe before the first world […]

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Self-confidence tips for when lockdown ends

With lockdown coming to an end, it’s only natural to feel anxious about being able to socialise again and going back into the world. People might be thinking about their physical appearance and how that may have changed; how their wardrobe has not been updated much over the past year and […]

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Phone call anxiety: why so many of us have it, and how to get over it

Many people feel anxious when receiving a phone call. Shutterstock/Sergey Mironov Ilham Sebah, Royal Holloway Staying in touch with loved ones without seeing them in person has become even more important during the pandemic. But for some people, making or receiving calls is a stressful experience. Phone anxiety – or […]

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A start as restricted care home visits become possible again

It’s a start but it really doesn’t help those of us who are based hundreds of miles away from our parents. For example, I have not been able to see my father, soon to be 93, and suffering with Alzheimer’s, for a year now. Care home residents will be able […]

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6 Different Valentine’s Gifts for Your Special Someone

When it comes to giving gifts, it’s usually the case that you either find inspiration instantly, or you spend an age trying think of an appropriate idea. Either way, it is possible to pick out the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day, and these six ideas should help. Books Reading is […]

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Why we’re obsessed with music from our youth

It was better in the old days. Deflector Image/Shutterstock Kelly Jakubowski, Durham University People tend to be extremely nostalgic about the music they listened to when they were young. If you were a teenager in the 1970s, chances are you will love Queen, Stevie Wonder or ABBA. And if you […]

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Depressed or bored? How COVID-boredom intensifies the fear of missing out

Life under COVID-19 restrictions means many of us are having to deal with the intense boredom of life being on pause. (Shutterstock) Julian Jason Haladyn, OCAD University We begin 2021 still in the midst of a pandemic: still social distancing, still self-isolating, still wearing masks, still feeling as if life […]

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Ways to Make Lockdown in the Home More Fun

  Long gone are the days where a walk in the sunshine and excessive baking of banana bread was enough to feed our desperate attempt to find balance in between enjoying lockdown and not losing our marbles. Since we are now in our third extended lockdown, the time has come […]

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Samaritans voice concerns for the lonely this Christmas

Christmas will be a tough time for some even without a global pandemic to deal with, say Samaritans, as the charity’s latest research shows being separated from family and loved ones over the Christmas period is one of the biggest concerns facing callers. It is easy for those of us […]

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Can you unintentionally bully someone? Here’s the science

Priti Patel says she didn’t intend to harm staff. Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA Geoff Beattie, Edge Hill University I was nine. Some girl, maybe around 15 or 16, old enough to tower over me, asked whether Bill Beattie was my brother. I nodded. Without saying another word she grabbed me by my […]

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