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Could British food be radically better?

British shoppers will be able to buy environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable food under plans for a radical shake-up of the UK’s food industry. As one of the first steps, […]

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There is no great salt debate: we should be consuming less

Jiri Hera/Shutterstock Feng He, Queen Mary University of London The human body needs a tiny amount of sodium to function properly and this is typically found in salt (sodium chloride). […]

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Why are school lunches still so unhealthy?

Do you know what your child is eating at school? shutterstock Kelly Rose, Teesside University There are more than 91m school children worldwide now defined as living with obesity – […]

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Pink passion: rosé on the rise as millennials dictate new wine codes

Rosé has become one of the millenials’ favorite drinks in just a few years. Why? Vincenzo Landino/Unsplash Richard C. Delerins, ESSEC Save water, drink rosé. Etsy Every July in New […]

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Urgent action needed on money-back recycling scheme

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has today welcomed Michael Gove’s public support for an all-inclusive money-back recycling system, or Deposit Return Scheme, but says it’s time for urgent action not […]

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Travel advice for those going to Egypt

Public Health England is issuing advice to people travelling to Egypt after a number of people, including children, have returned with a serious illness caused by E. coli infection. All […]

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Eating disorders: early warning signs identified Joanne Demmler, Swansea University and Sinead Brophy, Swansea University More than 1.6m people in the UK alone are estimated to have an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia. […]

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First major review of the UK food system in 75 years

Henry Dimbleby – co-founder of restaurant chain Leon and of the Sustainable Restaurant Association – has been appointed by Environment Secretary Michael Gove to lead the first major review of the […]

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Would you eat meat grown from cells in a laboratory? Here’s how it works

There is rationale for thinking about alternatives to meat. Shutterstock Leigh Ackland, Deakin University For many of us, eating a meal containing meat is a normal part of daily life. […]

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Baby food snacks are surprisingly unhealthy

Public Health England has expressed concern about clear inconsistencies between national infant feeding advice and how some commercial baby food and drink products are presented, such as: some foods marketed […]

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