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Iris Murdoch: what the writer and philosopher can teach us about friendship

Brian Harris / Alamy Stock Photo Cathy Mason, University of Cambridge Making friends might come easier to some people than others, but in general, we all use the same criteria for forming relationships. We are drawn to people who share our interests, or who we simply like and admire. Once […]

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Harry Potter and the legacy of the world’s most famous boy wizard

Jane Sunderland, Lancaster University Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the first film in the eight-part series, has reached its 20th anniversary. Released in 2001, it became the highest-grossing film of that year and the second-highest-grossing ever at the time (it’s now number 76). The film follows Harry’s first year […]

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Festival of the Girl – tackling gender stereotypes

To celebrate the launch of the 3rd annual Festival of the Girl & International Day of the Girl, Festival of the Girl has launched their #girlpower2021 campaign. This year’s Festival of the Girl launches this Sunday 10th October to coincide with International Day of the Girl – it is a […]

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Abba: who actually likes them?

Abba had previously been voted the band the British public would most like to see reunited. Alamy Shanika Ranasinghe, Royal Holloway University of London It may have been almost 40 years since their last single, but Abba are now back in the charts with two new songs – I Still […]

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Charlie Watts – how the Rolling Stones drummer helped the band reach for more than just the rock sound

Sueddeutsche Zeitung Photo/Alamy Adam Behr, Newcastle University Drummer Charlie Watts, who passed away on Monday, was as integral to the Rolling Stones as its frontman Mick Jagger and songwriting partner and guitarist Keith Richards. As Watts’s biographer Mark Edison put it: “No one dances to the guitar solos. No one […]

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CEWE photo awards – the shortlisted

If you are a keen photographer, professional or amateur, you will enjoy seeing images taken by others for inspiration and pleasure. To celebrate the CEWE Photo Award 2021, CEWE has released the 10 images that have been shortlisted as winners from each of the ten categories in the world largest photo competition. […]

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Football’s coming home – what makes a great football anthem

Paul Carr, University of South Wales When the English men’s football team beat Croatia 1-0 in their first match of the 2020 European Championships, fans up and down the country turned to each other and chanted “It’s coming home” and Wembley echoed with it as supporters left the London stadium. […]

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Writing can improve mental health – here’s how

Any kind of writing can help. Yulia Grigoryeva/ Shutterstock Christina Thatcher, Cardiff Metropolitan University Ernest Hemingway famously said that writers should “write hard and clear about what hurts”. Although Hemingway may not have known it at the time, research has now shown that writing about “what hurts” can help improve […]

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Fashion for pointy shoes unleashed a wave of bunions in medieval England

Marieke Kuijjer/wikimedia, CC BY-SA Piers Mitchell, University of Cambridge and Jenna Dittmar, University of Aberdeen The 14th century saw the arrival of an abundance of new styles of dress and footwear in Europe, coming in a wide range of fabrics and colours. Among these new fashion trends were “poulaines” – […]

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Line of Duty: two ex-anti-corruption officers on how the police actually catch ‘bent coppers’

Sarah Jane Fox, Staffordshire University and James Holyoak, Staffordshire University Season six of BBC crime drama Line of Duty has gripped the nation as Anti-Corruption Unit 12 (AC-12) inch ever closer to identifying the character in charge of all the “bent coppers”, only known as “H”. They’ve been chasing this […]

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