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Dog theft on the rise: how in danger is your pet and what can be done about it

An easy target under current laws. Shutterstock/MIA Studio Daniel Allen, Keele University Dog theft has a devastating impact on people and families and is a known gateway to animal cruelty […]

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Motorists – be deer aware

Drivers are being warned to look out for deer roaming on to roads and posing risks to road users. The warning comes with more deer on the move during the […]

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Why more companies are going dog-friendly

Shutterstock Holly Patrick, Edinburgh Napier University Bringing pet dogs into the workplace is becoming increasingly common. Large companies like Google, Ticketmaster and challenger bank Monzo are just a few that […]

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Moving horses in a no-deal Brexit

The Government has issued updated guidance for owners of horses, ponies and other equines on the preparations they need to make in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The guidance published […]

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Badger cull extends to ‘unimaginable scale’

Natural England has today published licences for areas that will undertake badger control operations within the ‘High Risk’ and ‘Edge’ areas of England this autumn. 64,000 badgers are likely to […]

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To save honey bees we need to design them new hives

Aleksandr Gavrilychev/Shutterstock Derek Mitchell, University of Leeds Honey bees are under extreme pressure. The number of honey bee colonies in the US has been declining at an average rate of […]

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Amazon fires explained: what are they, why are they so damaging, and how can we stop them?

Adam Ronan, Author provided Jos Barlow, Lancaster University and Alexander C. Lees, Manchester Metropolitan University Imagine a rainforest at dawn – the tall canopy laden with dripping ferns and orchids, […]

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Designing new ways to make use of ocean plastic

Even remote beaches are often strewn with plastic debris. Susan White/USFWS, CC BY Ian Lambert, Edinburgh Napier University Beachcombing has long been a part of life for island communities. On […]

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Finding signs of happiness in chickens could help us understand their lives in captivity

Hurricanehank/Shutterstock Mary Baxter, Queen’s University Belfast When animal welfare campaigner Ruth Harrison published a book in 1964 called Animal Machines, there was a public outcry. Her vivid descriptions of post-war […]

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Crackdown on animal abusers ahead – the details

For many, it doesn’t go far enough, but at least it is a start. Here are the details. Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has announced a new bill to enable tougher […]

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