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Are ‘dog years’ for real? An explanation of calculating canine age

Shutterstock/Blanscape Christian Yates, University of Bath If your dog has been alive and kicking its paws about for a decade, the widely held belief is that it has aged as […]

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Keeping cats indoors: how to ensure your pet is happy, according to science

Jonatan Pie/Unsplash, CC BY-SA Mark Farnworth, Nottingham Trent University and Lauren Finka, Nottingham Trent University By 2030, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, while one in three […]

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Is your cat in pain? Its facial expression could hold a clue

Unfortunately it’s much more subtle than Grumpy Cat. But knowing your cat’s ‘resting face’ could help. JStone/Shutterstock Lauren Finka, Nottingham Trent University They say that eyes are windows to the […]

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Be safe and aware on Bonfire Night

If you’re planning a bonfire for the forthcoming Guy Fawkes celebrations, either at home or a larger public event, make sure what you burn is both legal and safe, says […]

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National Dog Adoption Day – a chance to do something good

New research from and Animal Friends Insurance has found that animal rescues are at breaking point in 2019 as more than half (56 per cent) say more dogs than ever […]

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Dog theft on the rise: how in danger is your pet and what can be done about it

An easy target under current laws. Shutterstock/MIA Studio Daniel Allen, Keele University Dog theft has a devastating impact on people and families and is a known gateway to animal cruelty […]

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Motorists – be deer aware

Drivers are being warned to look out for deer roaming on to roads and posing risks to road users. The warning comes with more deer on the move during the […]

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Why more companies are going dog-friendly

Shutterstock Holly Patrick, Edinburgh Napier University Bringing pet dogs into the workplace is becoming increasingly common. Large companies like Google, Ticketmaster and challenger bank Monzo are just a few that […]

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Moving horses in a no-deal Brexit

The Government has issued updated guidance for owners of horses, ponies and other equines on the preparations they need to make in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The guidance published […]

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Badger cull extends to ‘unimaginable scale’

Natural England has today published licences for areas that will undertake badger control operations within the ‘High Risk’ and ‘Edge’ areas of England this autumn. 64,000 badgers are likely to […]

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