Badger cull extends to ‘unimaginable scale’

Natural England has today published licences for areas that will undertake badger control operations within the ‘High Risk’ and ‘Edge’ areas of England this autumn. 64,000 badgers are likely to be killed (in ways causing immense suffering) this autumn. It is very controversial. Derbyshire is not culling but is vaccinating instead. How humane. Or political. Parts of Devon and Cornwall are included in the slaughter.

This includes the reauthorisation of licences for 29 existing areas alongside licences for 11 additional areas.

This operational publication is a continuation of the long term strategy to tackle the animal disease Bovine TB which was published in April 2014.

Farming Minister George Eustice said:

Bovine TB remains the greatest animal health threat to the UK, costing taxpayers over £100 million every year as well as causing devastation and distress for hard-working farmers and rural communities.

There is no single measure that will provide an answer to beating this disease. That is why we have always been committed to a multi-pronged approach including proactive badger control as well as other tools such as tighter cattle controls, improved biosecurity and badger vaccination.


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