19th January is Quitters Day

5,580,587 Britons will have abandoned their 2020 New Year’s Resolutions by the end of Quitters Day, new research has found.

Research by Strava recently found that in 2020, Sunday 19th January is the day when most people will give up on their resolutions. Based on calculations by recipe box delivery service HelloFresh, 40% of New Year’s Resolutions have already failed by this point, despite our best intentions.

On average, 21% of Brits reportedly make a resolution for the year ahead, meaning this year almost 14 million resolutions were made.

A survey by HelloFresh established the most popular resolutions for 2020. Exercising more regularly was the most popular change to make, with 36% of respondents vowing to do so on average.

In second place was eating more vegetables and balanced meals, with 32.5% of Britons setting this resolution.


Becoming more environmentally conscious is in third place, with almost a quarter of Britons vowing to do so overall.

Clare Jossa is a life coach who has spent over 15 years mentoring people to achieve their New Year’s resolution goals. She commented:

“You need to be totally bought into your New Years’ resolution and choose something that excites you. Know why you want to achieve this and focus on that when willpower wanes. Focus on one day at a time and if you fall off the wagon once, look at the next day as a fresh start.”

With 2020 only a few weeks in, there’s still time to achieve your goals for the year ahead, regardless of whether your resolutions have fallen to the wayside to date.

Might it just be that dull January is a bad month to resolve to do anything much? Wait for spring when optimism sets in…

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