1 in 10 adults asked for proof of Covid vaccine/testing

The Office for National Statistics says that while it has only so far been proposed that people who want to go to nightclubs and busy indoor venues be required to show proof of either a negative coronavirus (COVID-19) test or that they have been vaccinated (otherwise known as “vaccine passports”), many places are already requesting such information.

Around 1 in 10 of all adults (11%) across Great Britain report having been asked to show proof that they have either been vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19), or that they have recently tested negative, to be allowed into a venue or event. Some large venues such as football stadia and music festivals have already been asking people to prove their COVID-19 status.

A higher percentage of people aged between 16 and 29 years and between 30 and 49 years than other age groups reported being asked for proof of vaccination or a negative test. In both groups, 13% of adults said they had been requested to show their COVID-19 certification. Among those aged 70 years and over it was 7%.

Of adults who had been asked for proof, 22% had been asked for it at a sports venue.

One in five (20%) of those who had required proof had been asked for it at a festival.

Among the 33% who answered “other”, the types of venues they listed when asked to specify included care homes, hospitals and their places of work.

Out of all age groups, 6% of those who had been asked for proof had required it in a nightclub or bar, mainly impacting younger people.


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