Check for signs of dehydration

It’s easy pee-sy with this chart!

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Alan Turing: visionary, war hero and the only choice for the £50 note

Alan Turing statue at Bletchley Park. Duane Wessels/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA Christian Yates, University of Bath The Bank of England has decided that the next prominent figure to feature on the […]

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The environmental cost of abandoning your tent at a music festival

Abandoned tents after a festival: definitely not going to charity. lionheartphotography, CC BY Aurore Julien, University of East London After years of depressing images of huge fields strewn with abandoned […]

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Post-exam ideas for students from the DWP

Whether you are looking to gain an extra qualification, go to university, get on-the-job experience or start your career, there are lots of exciting opportunities for your future. On the […]

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Urgent action needed on money-back recycling scheme

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) has today welcomed Michael Gove’s public support for an all-inclusive money-back recycling system, or Deposit Return Scheme, but says it’s time for urgent action not […]

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Travel advice for those going to Egypt

Public Health England is issuing advice to people travelling to Egypt after a number of people, including children, have returned with a serious illness caused by E. coli infection. All […]

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