Lynne’s ‘tribute’ painting for Margaret

I was only looking at this fabulous painting by Lynne Holehouse the other day at Seventh Wave on Belle Vue. Lynne painted this in (I think) 2019 as I watched her do some of it at her Wharf Studio, so it wasn’t a tribute as such, but may become so.

Lynne said:  Last year, whilst queuing with the family for her legendary cream teas, she leant through the caravan hatch. ‘Yer. Darlin’. I’d love a painting of this place if you have time.’
This is what I painted. Martyn (Lynne’s husband) is in the painting along with his daughter and son-in-law.


Margaret had a canny eye. Lynne said: We gave her a load of postcards of it and she actually sold over 600 in a season!

Prints and postcards are still available at Seventh Wave Gallery if you want a reminder of Margaret and her amazing, never-to-be-forgotten, Rustic Tea Room at Northcott.



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