Lucille Opie’s calls for a local entrepreneur to improve the ‘Ivor Potter’ Hall

A reader’s viewpoint by Lucille Opie:

I very much like the response on the Facebook page on budeandandbeyond today … It is very thought provoking and makes a lot of sense.

We must not decry our town council.  Recently it has been working well for us, the community and it is far more open than it used to be.  Our present Mayor has something to do with that.  We must remember he is one councillor with one vote, like the rest. We should not blame any one individual. We need a council and I admire anyone who puts him/herself forward to be elected.  It is certainly not an easy job, especially in today’s world when people’s voices are very strong. The members work hard and there are many meetings to attend in order to – ‘keep their finger on the pulse’.

I drew people’s attention to this issue but I feel we can call it a ‘blip’ in their performance.  Yes, they have made an error, a serious one to us.  If they, the councillors, didn’t know who Ivor was, then they should have come to us, the public through our local website and the local paper to ask us.  There would have been plenty of response as they now realise. We hope also that the council will be more aware that it has to be accountable to its public and give us more information about its work.

Everybody makes mistakes and we feel this is a big one but we can surely forgive the council if it is prepared to say it has made an error.  It is not the name that is preventing people from hiring the hall, it is the hall itself.

However, when we have expressed our anger and everyone has said their piece we must move forward.  The decision is not set in stone.  I understand it is possible to get it rescinded and that is what we must do.

If we want the Ivor Potter hall to become ‘Fit for Purpose’ (I think is the ‘in’ term) funding will have to be found. The council will not be able to afford it.  Bude has a wonderful large building thanks in part to Ivor Potter. It must become an asset to Bude like the canal and our sea pool.

Where I wonder, is the business entrepreneur in our community who is prepared to lead and can succeed in changing it to make it a Fit for Purpose community hall?

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