Look out for the new edition of Bude Life

Having been in touch with the producer of Bude Life, Bude & Beyond is pleased to share it as a truly local production which uses both print and digital, which you can also discover online. After a year of hiatus due to COVID, the magazine is back and raring to share all the exciting news and happenings in Bude.
The aim of Bude Life print magazine is to share local news articles,  via a quarterly magazine which goes out in Spring/Summer/Autumn and Winter editions.
Jon at Bude Life says:  the focus of the magazine is to highlight some of the great projects and initiatives that are taking place in our town, with the hope that they attract attention and subsequent support. I only aim to cover costs with the magazine (if I can with such high print/distribution costs), with any eventual profits going back to some of the charities and good causes within the town. 
My background and focus is very much on my main business of supporting people in marketing and communications projects, with Bude Life being more of a spare-time venture, hopefully doing some good along the way.
Bude Life started arriving in some homes yesterday, but will take 2 weeks for Royal Mail to complete delivery.

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