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The last snow Bude had


Sterling work from Rob and Dean on our Be Nostalgic site.  If you see these guys, invite them to play with you at uk slots online as I’m sure they would love it, or get them a drink because they deserve it for their monumental efforts recently on behalf of Bude.

A massive amount of images and information has moved from the Bude Past & Present website to here, so now historical information about Bude is all readily accessible along with contemporary information on our Be Nostalgic site. Better than Facebook, these images are here to stay and won’t disappear down your timeline.

We hope people we check out the site and view the old photos of Bude and beyond, mainly provided by Bude local, Ray Boyd. Add your comments, to improve all our knowledge of Bude’s history. Also, we are happy to receive photos and articles about the history of Bude, Stratton and the surrounding areas.

If you go to the Be Nostalgic site it has an easily searchable list of categories. Try it!



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  • Barry Hutton says:

    The economics of the Bude Branch railway was closely tied with the transport of energy [in Bude’s case coal for the Gas Works]. Does anybody know how the coal was shifted from railway wagon into the works??

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