Longer days – roll on spring …

I’m sure there is news if I want to spend Sunday morning finding it, but instead I thought I’d report that the dawn chorus here started at 6.41 am, which is the earliest yet. Blackbirds are already hopping around as the daytime search for food presumably starts. A collared dove sits on a wire surveying the scene below (which, in all honesty, is a little dank). The wood pigeon calls incessantly.

Yesterday, I noticed the pale, delicate primroses are beginning to vie with the snowdrops for attention as we edge towards spring, while the daffodils are erect and beautiful, just waiting for their time to open up. In some places, they already have, of course. First signs.

Loads of primroses at St Michael’s

I was curious to read why snowdrops are the first flowers of the winter season. They have hardened tips to their leaves to help them break through frozen soil, and their cells are packed with antifreeze, which prevents the growth of large ice crystals which would otherwise kill them.

Hans / Pixabay

Nature is amazing.  Enjoy your Sunday. Hopefully, you can get out and explore.

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