Local shoppers are urged to #bekind

The #BigUpBude facebook page (image is theirs) today has urged shoppers to use their local retailers and to be kind on the day of re-opening.

While many people are still shielding or unwilling to go out at the moment, it is hoped that those who feel able to do so and want to, will start spending again to help get the (local) economy going.

The new ways are all very strange for everyone but I do know that local retailers have put a great deal of time and effort, not to mention expense (signage, sanitisers, etc) in to make shopping in Bude as safe an environment as it can be, so whatever frustrations lie ahead, please be kind to one another.

Do give us your thoughts on opening, shopping, social distancing and the whole shebang!



Just a few of the shops hat are open again today …


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