Upton – centre for spiritualism in times past?

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Had a chat with a local lady last week, who used to live in Upton as a child. Showing me these old photos and cards, she reckoned that many people who lived in Upton in the 1940s/50s were spiritually inclined, attending the spiritualist church which was then at the old Women’s Institute building in Bude. If anyone knows more about Upton in times past, then it would be great to see the information.


  • Avatar Roger Hunter says:

    Who is the lady I wonder ? My father,George, was a spiritualist and we lived in Upton in the early fifties , firstly in the Coastguard Cottages, then Minnikins Cottage which sadly no longer exists.I can remember they had well known spiritualists come to the picture house (now Sainsburys) on Sunday evenings, the most famous was a gentleman called Harry Edwards. I gather the meetings were always very well attended.

  • The lady is called Jackie (not sure of her surname name then) but she did remember you, Roger. If you want me to pass on your contact details please email to me at budeandbeyond@gmail.com

  • How fascinating this fact is and how appropriate it is for me. As you will know Dawn, we moved to Upton from Hampshire and although very recently, we had to move out to Marhamchurch temporarily, we loved being in Upton and plan to return to the coastline between Widemouth Bay and Bude. I too am developing my spiritual capabilities, so, this fact about Upton intrigues me. I was also fascinated to read that the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards were designed by a Bude resident, and just happen to be the first pack of tarot cards that I was ever given. I now use a different set, but I just love the spiritual connection I feel with this area and am intrigued by these links to Upton.

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