Meeting American visitors in Bude

It’s funny sometimes how things happen out of the blue, so a telephone call from Mary Greer this weekend led to me meeting a party of 24 people, primarily American and Australian women, on a mystical tour of Cornwall and the SW. ¬†They were taking in Bude, the last resting […]

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Update on Pamela Colman-Smith

Researching an enigma is fascinating, for not only do I have to read about her, I also have to read very much¬†around Pamela Colman-Smith. Yet along the way, I am enjoying a range of experience from discussions with academics to people on Twitter sharing photos like this one. Thanks so […]

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Bude Mystery Woman – Pamela Coleman-Smith (aka Colman)

Pamela Colman Smith is something of a mystery, which is maybe part of her enduring appeal to her followers. It was only when investigating the history of Bude for my forthcoming book, Secret Bude, that I came across her, for she died in the town. Part of the mystery is […]

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