Nanny Moore’s Bridge – history under your feet

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Nanny Moore’s Bridge is a Grade II listed construction in Bude, originally with a cantilevered, liftable section for boats to pass underneath. It was listed in 1985. Originally named Bude Bridge it was renamed in the nineteenth century.

Now it is just a footbridge over the River Neet, but in its time, packhorses and carts also used it; it would have been bustling.  Now it is at its busiest for the duck race on Lifeboat Day.

The bridge was renamed after the 19th-century ‘dipper’ who lived in one of the nearby Levens cottages. Dippers (or bathing machine attendants) escorted ladies who wished to bathe in the sea. The question is why? Why name a bridge after one woman? What made her so special? What did she do to have a bridge named after her?  Anyone know?

By the way, the bridge is also mentioned as a passe in a 1643 account of the Battle of Stamford Hill.

So, every time you walk across it, remember there’s a bucketload of history under your feet.

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Nanny Moore’s Bridge today…



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