Ellen Martin at Summerleaze 1873

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Ellen Martin, a schooner, beached under Summerleaze cliffs while attempting to enter Bude harbour on 25th January 1873. Her crew was taken off by breeches buoy.


  • Simon Vage says:

    Is anything known of the captain of this schooner?
    His name or origins?

    Many thanks

  • Esther Fawke says:

    Does anyone know the owner of this ship – was it Martin and Marquand (from Newport/Cardiff)

  • Esther Fawke says:

    This was owned by Martin & Marquand, my ancestor William Henry Martin named this ship after his wife Ellen. The business was run from the port in Cardiff.

    • Gordon Howe says:

      I purchased the picture painted by artist Edward Duncan and have just delivered it for a sympathetic restoration to Barry near Cardiff. The picture has not been opened up since it was framed since possibly 1873? It is totally original. The elderly vendor was not called Martin or Marquand (info from auctioneers) but it could have come from his mothers side of the family. As the ship was owned by Martin and Marquand of Cardiff it is a long shot that they commissioned Edward Duncan who was well known in South Wales and Gower. We collect Gower water colours and the attraction of this painting is Edward Duncan plied his art extensively in Swansea and Gower and had family connections here. Also the rocket apparatus was used in many marine rescues (virtually on our doorstep) until about 25 years ago when it was discontinued nation wide. If anyone does know any further background I would appreciate it. Regards Gordon Howe

    • Gordon Howe says:

      We purchased the Edward Duncan watercolour referred to by Philip below on 6th Nov. Expensive but possibly worth it. It was the property of an old gentleman who lived in Penarth and may have been related to the owners ie Martin or Marquand a Jersey/Channel Isles name I see from Google. However I checked with the auctioneers and whilst under Freedom of Information regs they could not tell me his actual name it was neither of the two. The painting appears untouched from the day that it was framed or painted in 1873 and highly likely was commissioned by the owners or captain of the schooner. I am not an anorak when it comes to wanting info on pictures that we have but it would be nice to know anything further about the family. The picture is now with a conserver in Barry for a light sympathetic clean and restoration and hopefully there will be more information on the reverse of the picture when removed later this week. Fingers crossed

  • Philip says:

    ‘Heads up’ to an auction at Rogers Jones & C., Cardiff this 6 November 2021, where a 1873 watercolour by Edward Duncan of the rescue of the wreck of the Ellen Martin will be auctioned.

  • The sale of a watercolour in Cardiff on 6th Nov 2021, depicting the Breeches Buoy rescue is mentioned. We purchased the painting and wonder if any other info is available.

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