Do you know any of the men in uniform in this photo?

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At this particularly poignant time, this amazing photo comes from Nick Darracott:


I have just come across this photo from my maternal Grandfather’s ( Albert Ching from Marhamchurch) war photo collection. He was in the Boer war, but I think these brave chaps were from WWI.


I don’t recognise any of my family members in the photo, and no one else looks familiar to me.


There are no markings on the photo to indicate date, location etc. I assume this photo is of local men, and hope some of your members will recognise their relatives in the photo.



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  • Avatar Helen Field says:

    Hi. I have come across a similar picture for my gt gt grandfather’s time in the TA – I will attempt to get the picture uploaded here – maybe some of the faces are the same 🙂

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