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Hartland – Farthest from the railways

This info comes from a slender pamphlet called “Farthest From Railways: An Unknown Corner of Devon” by R. Pearse Chope, originally written in 1934. It seems Hartland Parish, despite being one of the largest in Devon, amounting to 17,000 acres in size, is too hilly for a cricket ground, is bounded by […]

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Dinnis Medland becomes Fat Face

Dinnis Medland stands proudly in front of his shop at the top of Belle Vue in this picture from the 1910’s while, to the right, the same premises still sell clothing, albeit of a slightly different type.

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Edward’s Emporium

Three views of the same site; up until 1938 it was Broads and Wellworths stores, as in the top picture, these were then demolished to make way for the art deco façade of F J Edwards emporium. This remained until the sixties, when it became the Co-operative Stores, finally changing […]

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Bude Wine Stores to Tiandi

At the top a view from an advert in a 1950’s Bude guide, with one of Bude Wine Stores two shops in the town (the other was where Martin’s computer shop is now, in Queen Street); below that, the same premises as they appear now.

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Upper Lynstone Farm

Some places never seem to change – at the top Upper Lynstone Farm, from an advert in a 1910’s Bude guide, below, the same farm looks almost identical today.

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Doney’s Bude Restaurant

To the left, Doney’s Bude Restaurant, as it appeared in 1912; to the right, the same premises – minus the dormer window – as they appear today.

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The Crescent 1890 to 2014

About 120 years separate these two pictures. The top one, from the 1890’s, shows a family grocer’s shop at the end of the Crescent, a use very similar to its present one, although Mike Smith also has a Post Office (this shop was Bude’s third main Post Office, before the […]

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Belmont House to Boots

Totally unrecognisable today from the same site one hundred years before, the building which houses Boots and the Lucky Kiss, started life as the residential Belmont House. This became a boarding establishment and then Petherick’s china and book shop in the middle years of the twentieth century. At the end […]

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Belle Vue & Othello Terrace

On the left, the top of Belle Vue looks very rustic in the 1880’s, with its cob-built houses, a distinct contrast to the view on the right, which is the same area in 1929. The house marked with an arrow on the left was at the end of Othello Terrace, […]

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William Pickard, chemist 1910

On the left, from a Bude guide of about 1910, these premises were a pharmacy; run the clock on 100 years and its use has not changed only the owner, from William Pickard, via Worth’s and Courtney Hockin, to a national chain.

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