Can you identify this place?

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From Andrew Darley:

I wonder if you are able to locate this photo. I was recently sorting through my late sister’s effects and came across a lot of old black-and-white photos taken by my father. This one was simply labelled “near Bude”.

The back story, as I remember my father telling it many years ago, was that we were staying for a holiday at Bucks Mills and made the trip down to Bude to look up an old acquaintance of his who lived down in the town.

When we got there the friend was out but his wife said he had just popped up the town and wouldn’t be long and invited us in and gave us a cup of tea.

Shortly afterwards the husband arrived very wet and said “lovely to see but you had better drink your tea quickly and go. The water is up to the town bridge and the last time that happened we were cut off for two days”. So we went.

This photo was taken somewhere on our way out, presumably on the way to the A39 N. However, from the look of it we may well have had to turn back at some point. Unfortunately I can’t read the signpost.

I have seen elsewhere that you had floods in 1950 but it cannot be then as my family were nowhere near Devon or Cornwall that year.

Also, I have vague memories of the Bucks Mills holiday which I wouldn’t have done in 1950 as I would only have been one year old.

Possibly my father’s friend was referring to the 1950 flood when he said “the last time it happened”. So my best guess is July/August 1951 or 52.

If anyone can shed any light on this little mystery, please send in your comments. Thanks.


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