Box’s Iron Foundry

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I attach a photo of Box’s Iron Foundry, unknown date. I would be interested to see any other photos of the inclined plane or Foundry.


  • Liz gliddon says:

    My negative suggests 1920’s.. Think it’s the same pic but will get it printed.

  • Malcolm Keen says:

    My brother who lives in Blisland (I am in Fairfax Station, Virginia) recently asked me about the waterwheel pump that was installed in the farm which the family bought in 1952 (near Lanivet). It pumped water from a spring very reliably in that time except in dry summers. I remembered that the ironwork of the pump was cast with the maker’s name, “Marhamchurch Foundry”. I had not at that time known about the foundry but I looked for it today to check on my recollection. I have to say that the foundry looks less imposing than I expected; it looks more like farm outbuildings. The pump was quite a precision piece of machinery with very smooth operation and it formed the key part to the system supplying the farm and the neighboring house.
    My other connection with Marhamchurch was one of my friends at Imperial College, London (1960-63) was David Hopgood who came from Marhamchurch and now lives in Texas.

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