A couple of Christmas snippets from times past …

There’s something quite fascinating about reading snippets from newspapers in times past. Here’s a couple pertaining to Bude & Stratton.

This dates from 23rd October, 2015, and is a letter to the editor of the Sporting Times.

I have just received a cheery old message from Carlton Blyth, inviting his friends to … forget the bombs and spend Christmas in Bude.

The sea, the shore, the sunshine and the atmosphere at Bude are strangely and closely similar to Biarritz … heightened by seeing men golfing there who may usually be met in winter on the Biarritz links. 

Those … might do worse than step into a nicely-warmed corridor train at Waterloo, out into the glorious sunshine … 

In 2021, there is no train to Bude from Waterloo, but what a lovely idea! Carlton Blyth was buried at St Michael’s. He seemed quite an eccentric character but who was he and what did he do?


Meanwhile, the Royal Cornwall Gazette, on 1st January, 1886 commented on a lovely old time in neighbouring Stratton:

Christmas at Stratton was characteristically placid. In the early morning, the church bells were rung right merrily, good round and with good series of changes. The church was very profusely and tastefully decorated … the choral services, morning and evening, were very hearty and inspiring. In the evening ‘Lord God of Hosts’ and a number of carols were sung. Special services were also held by the Wesleyans and United Methodists. The inmates of the workhouse had their usual Christmas fare … 




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