The Past, Present and Future of our Unique Bude Sea Canal

Here is a wonderful poem celebrating Bude Sea Canal by Lucille Opie:   Our Canal, unique as it is locked to the sea Was opened in eighteen twenty-three. For two […]

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Bude and Stratton Old Cornwall Society – Grenville Estate

By Helen Bartrop Hocking: The Bude, Stratton & District Old Cornwall Society gathered in The Parkhouse Centre on Lady Day evening to listen to the lecture ‘Grenville Estate and the […]

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Send in your images/stories for our history pages

There are some lovely nostalgic photos of old Bude on various Facebook websites. The problem is, they drop off the page pretty quickly. On the local history section of our […]

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Chapel Rock and life on a ketch – from John Acland’s book, 1914

At the Breakwater on an afternoon an hour or two before high tide, so picture the scene: AS we get nearer to it, the deep harmonious roar of the waves […]

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Features of the Bude coastline

More from the pamphlet of John Acland: The Compass Point or Storm Tower was built around 1830. Fifty years later, owing to cliff erosion, it was taken down and rebuilt […]

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The sea at Bude from the words of John Acland

Thanks to one of our invaluable sponsors, musician Aidan B, for sharing a pamphlet originally written by Capt John E. Acland in 1914, which has provided some lovely insights into […]

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