A page for local history connections, with special thanks to the late Ray Boyd who donated so many of his images to Bude & Beyond so that everyone could see them.

The Belém: the history behind the boilers on the beach

  Written by Julie Satchell, a local maritime archaeologist, to commemorate the anniversary of the sinking of the Belem, November 20th, 103 years ago: The two large cylindrical metal objects which sit nestled in varying levels of sand just north of Northcott beach are the boilers of the steam ship […]

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Befores and afters … Bude shop fronts

Been looking through some images from my Bude books and I especially like these which give some sense of change … any memories or any of your photos welcome …

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Some historic images of Bude from a guide book

Many thanks to Dave Bradbury who lent me an old book on Bude, which has some great info and photos. I will extract more as I get chance, For now, here are some of the images (any comments welcome).

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‘Hunt the Leader’ in Bude

Our lucky day. Andy Webb has very kindly sent in these images and an explanation. All relevant comments and images welcome. Please do not use elsewhere without contacting us for Andy’s permission. He says: Two photos from the Bude C.S.S.M. Kids Mission around 1978-1980. ‘Hunt the Leader” was one of […]

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Did you attend Radio 1 Roadshow Bude in 1980?

Thanks to a guy called Andy who says: I’ve been searching for photos from the Radio 1 Roadshow when it came to Bude and have stumbled upon this. Here’s where I found it: https://audioboom.com/posts/893951-mike-read-radio-1-roadshow Going by the text in the top right corner, It looks like its from a magazine scan […]

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