A page for local history connections, with special thanks to the late Ray Boyd who donated so many of his images to Bude & Beyond so that everyone could see them.

Why Bude should be interested in Pamela Colman Smith

In the last couple of years, I have met with visitors from USA, Australia and Canada, all interested in finding the grave of Pamela Colman Smith (tucked away in an unknown spot in St Michael’s; this is covered in the book). They have also been interested in her life. These […]

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Bude Old Photos – can you help date them?

Thanks very much to Karina Price for these photos from her grandparents in response to our request for good news/happy things. Can anyone date any of them?             c

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Looking back at a unique Bude event from 2016

Who remembers this event? It was a lighthearted event for Mother’s Day but just imagine, for a minute, struggling to have your basic hygiene needs met; having no knickers to wear, for example, when you have a fistula, or are on your period or are just out living your womanly […]

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Lucille’s poetic memory of Margaret Frost

Yesterday, I went to see Lucille Opie, who told me this rather charming tale relating to the late Margaret Frost. We both thought people in Bude would enjoy it: In 1953, when we first came to Bude, a man called Ed Rutherford, tall, 6ft 5, came over to Bude from […]

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When Bude flooded

Thanks to Matt Fitzsimmons for these photos from his Nan. Does anyone remember anything about these scenes?

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In memory of Bude & Beyond’s Ray Boyd …

Ray Boyd was a lovely chap. I first came across him as ‘Old School” on the Bude People site I used to run for Northcliffe Digital, where he added some wonderfully-received collections of old photos of Bude. It took quite a search to uncover who ‘Old School’ was, as Ray […]

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