Local Covid update

As the schools are now back, it is useful to check the local Covid data, to see how it develops within  the next week or two.

The good news from the Interactive Map, for the 7 days to 13th March, is that our area is relatively good with case rates well below average.

Torridge had 3 cases, and indeed Devon as a whole is currently looking pretty clear in many districts, with 158 cases in total. Cases are dropping there.

In Cornwall, however, there was a rise in numbers of 30% with cases back up to 91. The nearest cluster to us is Launceston, with 9 cases (a 350% rise, though numbers are still low).

People vaccinated up to and including 17 March 2021 in England

First dose: 21,886,125

Second dose: 1,315,341

Estimated R number for the healthcare region of South West

0.5 to 0.8 with a daily infection growth rate range of -10% to -6% as of 12 March 2021.

There have been no admissions for Covid to North Devon Hospital in the 7 days to 14th March.


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