Local Covid update

Well, here we are, still locked down (although the schools are back) but the good news is that the interactive map is showing good things for our area.

Cases in most places near us are data suppressed (fewer than 3).

Torridge is now down to 7 cases for the 7 days to 6th March. Cornwall and Isles of Scilly are down to 70, and Devon sits at 198 for the same period.

In England,

People vaccinated up to and including 10 March 2021

First dose: 19,587,080

Second dose: 939,232

Estimated R number for the healthcare region of South West

0.6 to 0.8 with a daily infection growth rate range of -8% to -5% as of 5 March 2021.

There were zero deaths within 28 days of a positive test in Torridge, but 2 deaths within the last 7 days to 11th March in Cornwall and Isle of Scilly. Few people now seem to be admitted to local hospitals due to Covid 19.

The ONS says:

  • In England, the percentage of people testing positive for the coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to decrease in the week ending 6 March 2021; we estimate that 200,600 people within the community population in England had COVID-19 (95% credible interval: 180,200 to 222,900), equating to around 1 in 270 people.


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