Local Covid rate update

With concern mounting in many parts of the country, such as the south-east, let’s take a look to see how things are looking down here in the south-west.

The interactive map tells us the figures to 13th December, so we have to remember these are a week behind. Here they are:

  • Bude 4 cases, a rolling rate of 35.7
  • Poundstock and Kilkhampton, data suppressed as numbers below 3
  • Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe 6 cases, rolling rate of 59.2
  • Hartland coast 4 cases, rolling rate of 61.5
  • Bideford south and east 14 cases, rolling rate of 140.5
  • Launceston, Crackington and Camelford, data suppressed, as above

Farther afield, Callington is struggling on 22 cases, a rolling rate of 263.5

Tavistock also has 16 cases, a rolling rate of 127.5

Fremington and Instow is on 28 cases, a rolling rate of 28, a rolling rate of 437.7

Cornwall overall has 196 cases, a rise, and a rolling rate of 34.3

Torridge is unchanged on 46, a rolling rate of 67.4

Devon has 779 cases, a rise, a rolling rate of 97.1

Some parts of the UK are really struggling. Camarthenshire has 1229 cases, for example, a rolling rate of 651.1, while Kent has 8396 cases, a rolling rate of 530.9, and Essex has 5960 cases, a rolling rate of 400.2 – so it is easy to see why travel restrictions to and from certain areas are said to be under discussion.



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