Local Covid cases update

Looking at the interactive map, we see that there has been a rise in cases in the south-west.

Cornwall now has (7 days to 14th December) 251 cases listed, which is a rise of 130.3%. The rolling rate is 43.3

Devon has 847 cases, a rise of 40.9% and a rolling rate of 105.6

Torridge has 56 cases, a rolling rate of 82.0

In Devon, West, North and East are most badly affected.

More locally, Bude has 5 cases, a rise of 66.7% and a rolling rate of 46.9

Poundstock, Kilkhampton, Camelford and Crackington are data suppressed (fewer than 3 per area).

Holsworthy, Bradworthy and Welcombe have 5 cases, a 44.4% drop

However, Hartland coast has 7 cases, a 250.0% rise

Launceston is on 3 cases, a rise of 50%


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