Local concern about dogs in caravan

Numerous local people have expressed strong concerns on social media over some pet dogs who seem to spend most of their time shut in a caravan at Upton, near Bude.

With temperatures hitting 28 degrees in Bude today and set to remain high all week, people have expressed serious worries about the dogs enclosed in a small caravan, which will become hot very quickly. It does not take long for heat to affect animals, especially if they do not have sufficient water.

The RSPCA have been alerted, but so far, despite a visit, it seems little action has been taken, despite people believing the dogs, which bark a lot, to be in distress. Locals say it has been an issue for two months but the heatwave has expedited their concerns.

Interestingly, the RSPCA issues guidelines to deal with animals shut in hot vehicles, but in this case, various agencies seem to be awaiting the actions of others.

Locals believe that the dogs are left in the baking heat all day, and only let out once or twice daily for a short time, and remain hopeful that the RSPCA, the Police, or Cornwall Council will take action to rescue them.

NB: The photo is not one of the dogs concerned in this case.


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