Litter louts need a lesson in life skills

Have to applaud groups like Bude BRAG, and also those fighting against single-use plastic. Collected a number of these coffee cups (and a few crisp packets, etc) thrown in the muddy hedgerows on my dog walk this morning. What is it that makes people get in their cars, have a McDonald’s (or whatever) and throw the containers out into the countryside?

Well, I guess first off is that no one sees them do it.

Secondly, they want to keep their cars clean!

Thirdly, they get away with it.

Fourthly, they are ignorant and uncaring, and that’s me being nice.

That said, it happens in towns and cities, too!

Clean up after yourselves people, or better still, don’t litter in the first place. It’s not rocket science.

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