Letter to the editor – social care budget

Been sent a pertinent letter about the social care budget, especially relating to people with dementia.


Your readers may have heard recently of the £240m of extra money being allocated to the social care system to ease pressure on the NHS this winter.


We now know this will mean that over £2.7 million will be made available in Cornwall.


While it’s important that the Government has recognised that social care underfunding lies at the heart of our hospitals’ winter pressures, the amount committed is a let-down – less than 10 per cent of what’s needed to fix the social care crisis now. The social care system is ‘not just for Christmas’ and people with dementia, as its biggest recipients, are experiencing the emotional and economic cost all year round.


To actually turn the tide for the 9,000 people with dementia in Cornwall we need to plug the current funding gap and offer them the chance to access the good quality social care they have a right to.


Marion Child

Head of Region (South West)

Alzheimer’s Society

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