Letter to councillors from Bude resident

Dear Bude – Stratton Council Members,

         I understand you have on the agenda an item to decide whether the cliff path from Crooklets to the Sea pool should be widened to 10 feet so cyclists may use it.  For many years there has been a very large notice board at Crooklets at the top of the steps that states there is Definitely NOT to be any horse riding, motor cycling or bicycling on the Downs.

 The Summerleaze Downs are a place for walking your dog or walking from Crooklets Beach to the pool because the tide is in and one wants to take one’s children to learn to swim in the pool as I did many moons ago.  It is a very popular path.  Families with small children, elderly people, children and dogs walk along that path to get to the pool as well. It would be dangerous for cyclists use that path and we certainly don’t want any more paths or roads of any kind laid out on the Downs.  We must protect them.  They are for WALKING  only.  And there’s still no way they would keep to that path anyway

       We do not need the present path to be widened. People walk outside of it often now and it is getting muddy. It would definitely break down if cyclists could use it. It is no good to say they cycle on the Downs anyway.  They will continue to do so because they always have!

      Many of our councillors may not have lived in Bude for many years and don’t know they are part of Bude’s History, that they belong to the people of Bude.   And, its not as if the cyclists can’t get to Crooklets.  There is a road for them.

   So, Please Bude Councillors , the notice is up and states clearly, please do not allow cyclists to cycle on the Summerleaze Downs. Let it stay.

Yours sincerely

Lucille Opie.

Long time Bude Resident

The path – photo courtesy of Trev Plant

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