Letter from NSPCC for forthcoming Parents in Sport Week

Dear Editor,

The new school term is well and truly underway and many parents are now spending much of their weekends ferrying children to sporting activities.

Thousands of children across the South West of England are budding sportspeople so it is crucial they feel safe whilst playing, whether they’re on a pitch, a court or a track.

As a result, the NSPCC is encouraging parents to become more informed about their children’s sports during Parents in Sport Week 2019, which starts on Monday 7 October.

As sport plays a huge part in childhood, I was concerned to learn that over 30 per cent of parents with children active in sport would not know who to turn to if they had safeguarding concerns.

It’s important parents are informed as much as possible so that they can be confident that their children are safe when playing sport.

This week, parents are being urged to sign up to the NSPCC’s Sports Parent Promise:

  1. I promise to make sure the club we choose together is safe and fun.
  2. I promise to listen to you if you have any concerns about your sport.
  3. I promise to make sure I support you and your teammates in a positive way.

I would encourage parents to sign the petition or learn a little bit more about it by visiting https://thecpsu.org.uk/parents/sports-parents-promise/.

If you do sign up to the promise you will receive a certificate, which you can share on social media through the hashtag #SportsParents.

Kind Regards,

Nick Slinn

Service Head for Child Protection in Sport Unit

Matthew Davies

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