Leopallooza cancelled

The team behind Leopallooza has announced the next festival will now be in 2022, with 2021’s event cancelled. Dates are July 22/23/24 2022.

Photo 2019 event poster

They say the situation is too uncertain to continue, stating:

By far the biggest issue is the lack of a Government-backed Covid-cancellation insurance, which despite constant campaigning from our industry still hasn’t become a reality. Without this the risks are simply too high for us to continue planning, doing so would not only put this year’s event at risk, but the long-term survival of the festival (and in turn, your ticket money).

They urge people to roll over their tickets to 2022.

We want to once again extend our wholehearted thanks to every single one of you who rolled your tickets over from last year, we would not be here today without that vote of confidence. We are now again in the position of asking those of you who are able to do so, to hold on to those tickets a little longer. Keeping hold of your tickets is the biggest thing you can do to support Leopallooza, and other festivals and events, during this time.

We cannot guarantee you will be able to repurchase your tickets next year if you request a refund this year, as we were already incredibly close to selling out – with camping upgrades completely sold out already and campervan passes getting close. If you know you are going to want to come to Leopallooza next year we strongly advise you hold on to your tickets if possible.

Tickets will automatically roll over to the new date.

All 500 allocated tickets for our hard-working NHS staff were snapped up, and will also roll over to 2022.

Of course refunds are available for those who need them, you will need to contact Gigantic with your booking reference number and they will be able to process your face value refund for you. We ask that you please do this by 30th May 2021. 

We will be taking tickets off sale until June 1st, while we have a rearrange, recount, and reshuffle. We will then relaunch our tickets for 2022 with some exciting changes.

We will look to 2022 as something of a rebirth for Leopallooza, with extra time to make some additions that make the wait worthwhile. Moving Leopallooza doesn’t mean we stop working, we’ll be using the head start on next year to our advantage!

We do this because we love to put on live events,  so two years without seeing all your glitter-covered, smiling, dancing selves is not the position we ever saw ourselves in. But here we are.

We want to thank you again for your unwavering support, we truly couldn’t do it without you. And to every single person working hard in the NHS and beyond to bring us closer to normality – thank you!


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