Latest reader posts on Facebook inc Flexbury planning application!

A lovely photo posted on our Facebook page from Malcolm Mitchell yesterday. What a beautiful place Bude is. Thanks, Malcolm, for cheering us all up, if we needed it.

Conversely, thanks to Margaret Goulden for prompting me to visit this planning application for 8 Maer Down Road Flexbury Bude EX23 8NG. It is the proposed redevelopment of an existing residential site to provide 8 apartments, called by one objector “a monstrous edifice”. There are already a few comments including concerns about traffic, that the development is out of character with the neighbourhood, the urban appearance of the apartments, access, ‘poor quality’ small flats, and so on. As the earlier commentator says:

We’ve only just managed to get rid of the Strand Hotel’s dreadful architecture which blighted the town for decades. Do need this grim edifice as its successor as Bude’s ugliest building?

Anyway, Margaret posted this image which gives an idea of the vision. However, please see the full application in the link for details of plans.

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  • carolyn says:

    That building is totally unacceptable. We already have one monstrosity in that area.

  • Mrs S Walsg says:

    If you read this planning application, it will show you that there are 8 apartments planned for this site, complete with indoor swimming pool! No affordable housing here….shoe horned in a tiny space…limiting access to the SWCP….dangerous to both riders and horses….massively increased amount of cars…with nowhere to park.. .the list is endless. It is so out of keeping with general buildings in our area….and a vulgar eyesore…This must not be allowed to go ahead.

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