Latest from the town council

This comes from Bude & Stratton Town Council’s latest newsletter:

At the last full council it was agreed councillors would be allocated to represent different areas of the community. We hope this will make it easier for the community by having dedicated councillors and points of contact within the Council.
Education & early years – Cllr S Dearing & C Moriarty
Social Welfare – Cllr A Bluett
Crime and Community Safety – Cllr P La Broy
Youth Provision – Cllrs M Dawe & P Crum
Community Groups – Cllr T Gibbs
Heritage – Cllr P Tilzey
Environment & Bio Diversity – Cllrs S Browning & P Purchase
Climate Change – Cllrs R Uhlig & P Purchase
Sport– Cllrs M Dorey (water) , M Dawe (online) and P Tilzey (ball sports)
Housing – Cllr P La Broy
Economic Development – Cllrs S Bellamy & T Gibbs
Health provision – Cllrs L Corrigan Turner & T O’Sullivan
Transport & Connectivity – Cllr K Goode
Arts and Cultural – Cllr J Diffey
Diversity, Equality and LGBT+ – Cllr S Dearing & C Moriarty

A few other new/interesting items:


  • The Car Park machines at the Parkhouse Centre and along Neetside will be upgraded in the coming months to new modern machines which will allow the use of cards for payments.
  • At the last full council a statement of support was issued in light of the inaugural Bude Pride event. Bude-Stratton Town Council celebrates our diverse community and supports inclusivity, fairness and equality for all. Bude Pride will be held on The Castle lawns on August Bank Holiday weekend, a free to attend friendly event for all.
  • Bude-Stratton Town Council, have agreed to have additional signs printed outlining the rules for dogs on beaches in Bude (although the signs are the responsibility of Cornwall Council).
  • It was agreed at the last full council that Bude-Stratton Town Council will work with local partners to assist retailers to remove cheap polystyrene body boards from sale in Bude. Encouraging the sale and use of more sustainable alternatives, as well as rental programmes, to avoid expensive, environmentally damaging and difficult to recycle waste from polluting our beaches and the marine environment. If you are a local retailer and would like to find our more please contact the office and we can help get you in touch with local partners.
  • The Housing Emergency we statement we have covered previously.

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