Las Iguanas at Bude Sainsbury’s

For anyone who is a fan of the Las Iguanas chain, I noticed today that Bude Sainsbury’s has some of their ready meals, albeit only meat-based ones. I’d seen the meals at Sainsbury’s Roundswell, but it was a pleasant surprise to see them in Bude.

The Grocer reported that 8 of the Latin American food chain meal were being rolled out, to include four meat-based meals, 3 vegetarian and 1 vegan. That said, my old favourite vegetarian Cauliflower and Corn Quinotto is no longer available from Sainsbury’s online.

Meanwhile, I went to the M & S Food Store at the BP garage in Holsworthy, having been told there was cheaper petrol than in Bude (there is by about 4p but this does not extend to diesel). I hoped to check out the M & S Plant Kitchen plant-based range I’d heard so much about from friends elsewhere but only found one item. Seems a trip to Launceston is required for more.

If anyone spots any other interesting new products available locally, give us a shout …

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