Lara questions the PM over weddings

Back in August after lockdown, we asked about the future of weddings, sparked by comments of those locals working in the wedding industry.

The wedding industry has been badly dented by lockdowns and social distancing. It is understandable that many couples have postponed their big event until it can be … well, a big event.  This means that wedding venues, cake makers, florists and all others involved in this massive industry have taken quite a hit, while receiving little government help.

Lara Gill of Launcells Barton wedding venue has been standing up for the industry, so was thrilled that she was able to ask a question at Prime Minister’s Question Time. Here is a video of her in action, talking to PM Boris Johnson.

The PM also followed this up on Twitter, and the issue has been picked up by the national press. Lara’s tenacity in fighting for her livelihood has reached top levels, with the PM saying people can start planning their weddings for next summer, so here’s hoping 2021 means a fresh start for the wedding industry.

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