Lamb chased over cliff at Duckpool

In a highly distressing incident for the lamb, its mother, the farmer and onlookers, a lamb was chased over a cliff to its death by a dog/s at Duckpool yesterday, according to posts on Bude Noticeboard.

Sadly, the lamb, unable to be rescued, had to eventually be shot by the farmer.

It is another massive reminder to keep dogs on leads near sheep/lambs and near cliffs.

A dog’s natural instinct is to chase, and even the best trained dog can follow that instinct even when unexpected. The only answer is to keep dogs on leads in such circumstances.

B & B’s understanding is that experienced climbers, the coastguard and the RSPCA were involved and there was no way to rescue the lamb.

Lots of people tried very hard to alert appropriate people to the plight of the lamb, so it is good to see such compassion, even if the outcome was dreadfully sad.

As a reminder, these are the rules on sheep worrying.

It is vital that you keep your dog on the lead around livestock, even if you can usually trust it to come to call.

Here is yet another reminder of RNLI advice for taking dogs for walks on cliffs.


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