Kitty’s Herbery – now ‘reborn’ in Bude

You were probably as surprised as me when the lovely St Kitts Herbery near Camelford closed. Their premises always looked and smelled so wonderful with their luxury products ranging from fragrance and skin care to food.

I had assumed the closure was another victim of the pandemic, but in fact, it was due to personal circumstances that after 19 years of trading, the business ceased.

Anyway, the good news is that it is now reborn as Kitty’s Herbery, and the even better news is that it is now on Burn View in Bude (also handy for 2 hours of free parking if you get there at the right time).

The business is now run by Betty and Albi. Kitty’s Herbery is a family adventure, run by experienced people who believe in making quality, luxury products, designed to pamper ‘him and her’ and everyone else, too.

With a toiletry range that both looks and smells beautiful, delicious and unusual chocolate that you won’t taste elsewhere, and a host of extras such as herbal teas, jams and chutneys, herbal creams and essential oils, they try to have something for everyone (and every price point).


Kitty says:

Me (Betty) and my brother Albi had worked for St Kitts Herbery (our parent’s business) for our whole adult lives.

Unfortunately in March 2021, St Kitts had to close due to personal issues that made it impossible for the business to continue.

That meant that we found ourselves suddenly out of a job, with no money and no notice, in the middle of a pandemic – so we had to come up with a plan. This is where Kitty’s Herbery was born.

We are lucky enough to have an incredibly supportive mum, who is our favourite person in the world and has offered us her unwavering faith (and a lot of her time babysitting Albi’s daughter!)

We started making products in our kitchen at home and selling online, producing a mixture of goodies from perfume, shower gels, lotions and soaps, to chocolate, teas and tisanes.

We were then lucky again, and managed to obtain the government-backed start-up loan, in order to open a shop in gorgeous Bude.

We’ve been open since mid June, and have loved every minute – the town has been so welcoming, and with beautiful weather to boot – who could want to be anywhere else?

We’ve also now extended our range to include wares made by other local creatives, including l.w.stuffed art (who makes some beautiful hand stitched decorative pieces, as well as the paintings displayed on our shop wall), and Rachel Bishop Jewellery Designs, whose beach-themed, eco silver jewellery is the latest addition to our shop.

We also supply a lot of local hotels, B & Bs, and other businesses with our Rosemary and Bergamot products, which are totally unisex and almost universally loved, including Whalesborough cottages, Coswarth House, Olive May Therapies, The Old Parsonage, Gwelmor, and many more.

I’m thrilled to now have them on the doorstep in Bude, so will be popping in some time very soon. Meanwhile, we at B & B wish the brother/sister team good luck in their new venture.

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