Kim smashes her target and keeps going

As you know, Kim Gouldson set herself a challenge earlier this month, to walk 300 km by 1st March. The goalposts keep being pushed higher, as I think it started out at 250 km.

Kim has now raised £2,085.00 for MND Cornwall and Bude Group for Animal Free Research UK by walking her lockdown kms. In the Facebook Group set up to support her venture, Kim is also raising funds by selling her and Allan’s wonderful paintings.

Anyway, this amazing lady is still walking and still raising funds, so there is still time to support her. Well done Kim on your mega achievement, as it is especially difficult to stay positive at this time of year.

For those who are still unaware of her pledge, then on the Crowdfunding page is Kim’s rationale:

Allan and Kim

The challenge: To walk 250km by 1st March (well I must be mad as a March hare). In this weather and with Allan needing me more indoors currently, trust me this will be a challenge!

Raising funds for: Many of you will know my amazing husband. Allan was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease 7 years ago and year on year he dumbfounds the medics and makes me proud. A more brave, caring, selfless man you could not wish to meet. The Cornwall branch of MND has been a lifeline to us and in 2020 we had hoped to have another garden party but sadly this was not possible and although we did find creative ways to raise money for them, it wasn’t the amount we would have wanted.

I would give anything for them to find a cure for MND. It is something I pray for daily. Sadly, the scientific quest for answers does involve animal testing within the research. Whilst we need cures and treatments I would also like to see a future for my grandchildren where use of animals in research is a thing of the past. Animal Free Research UK evidences this possibility with pioneering research and good friends of ours are key members of the Bude support group who are particularly active.

So I am going to split any money raised equally between MND Cornwall and Bude support group for Animal Free Research UK (Exeter ARC 2.0). Exeter ARC 2.0 are currently conducting research into Diabetes and Covid-19.

I plan daily updates which will be posted here. The most nerve wracking part is wondering if anyone will donate. I hate asking for money (or help!) but this is very important to me and so I have decided to be brave Kim. Please donate what you can.

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