Kilk Clear Minds hits 900 followers

For anyone who has been ignoring mental health issues, a quick reminder from Kilk Clear Minds tells us that mental health matters and needs to be talked about rather than swept under the carpet. 900 followers is a good indication that mental health issues require peer support. My mother suffered many years of depression and was always medicated so much she spent half of her life asleep, like many other women on our street.

I hope those days things are very, very different, though there is still a long way to go.

Katie explains:

Kilk Clear Minds just hit 900 followers across our social media, so guys help us to get to 1000. The more we share and make people aware of mental ill health the better.

We want to support those with mental ill health and get them the support needed, educate the community and stamp out the stigma.

The group is growing with lots of new people coming to meetings. Every day we get contacted asking for help by many people. On average we have 115 new people join every month.

We have made many referrals to GP practices, Outlook Southwest, IAPT services and counsellors and talking therapy services.

We have also dealt with people in crisis or that are having suicidal thoughts and have got them speaking immediately to trained organisations such as the Samaritans. Due to their bravery in speaking out they are now receiving treatment.

We are needed and the message is needed. Thanks for all the support its means so much to me and every member of the group. We are and will carry on talking about mental ill health.


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