Kickstart opportunities for young people

From Smart Working Revolution:

We have registered a shed load of kickstart roles with the scheme.  The roles are based in Cornwall, some working remotely, some in a hub.  All you need to do is to share our unique Kickstart code with your young friends and ask them to speak to their job coach about the 40 odd roles our clients are offering. They must be claiming universal credit. If they aren’t already, it is worth checking if they can.

At the moment, we don’t have enough young people applying for these roles and I don’t want them to miss the opportunity.  Because, there are some fantastic opportunities:

Social Media, Marketing, Procurement, Editorial, PR, Economic Development, HR Admin, Video Makers, Data Analysis, content writers, Junior Developers, Coach to name but a few.  The young person will receive training in the technical stuff but also smart skills so that they know how to build good working relationships and 2 way trust, too – setting them up for a successful career.

The common denominator is they will be working for thoughtful leaders.   Some of the roles have a deadline this week – so they’ll need to show some oomph!

We don’t want these wonderful opportunities going to waste.  Here’s the code they must quote to their jobs coach at the job centre

KS335FCEBF – Kickstart

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