Kendal Arrives in # Budeiful Bude

197926_1005366376608_1281_n-300x199On Wednesday evening, Kendal arrived in Bude on his mammoth charity/happiness promotion bike tour around Britain, which started at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, up in the north-east. I was having a north-east kind of a day, as the laddy in the ice cream kiosk told me she originally hails from Darlington. Bit different to Cornwall.

You can keep up with Kendal’s travels on his blog here. Eventually, he will probably set up a photo website as he has taken some amazing pix and video footage on his travels.


His last blog post read:

In Cornwall now, Bude today. Sunny and beautiful. I have faced some very tough hills, and some stunning scenery, plus hawks fluttering high up the hill near me, fauns (& adult deer) jumping across the woodland almost next to me, fish jumping out of water and a duck chasing a stoat across a pond, all of these caught on camera.
Because of the hills probably, there has hardly been any (mobile) reception.
I have also had the amazing coincidence of the last four libraries being closed at exactly the time I have been passing.

2014-06-19 11.07.17

Kendal says “life is great”.

2014-06-19 11.06.53

I managed a brief meet up with Kendal at the Castle Heritage Centre. He is keen on promoting the “life is good” philosophy and it certainly was yesterday lunch time as I enjoyed my raspberry pavlova ice cream in the sunshine, while simultaneously chatting with Kendal (who says I can’t multi-task?) who was on the water.

Kendal is keen on promoting the good things in life, picking up on the positive, which is infectious. Given the guy has been cycling for days in hot weather, generally washing in Tesco disabled loos (though actually managing a fresh water wash at Coombe where he wild camped on Weds eve) he remains remarkably happy, having seen some great sights along the way.


He commented that Bude easily lends itself to ‘Bude-iful’. Told him the locals have thought of that and use it a lot. What makes Bude beautiful to me is the community spirit of the people who live here, and the sea always lifts  my mood. It’s a bit different to the stretch of coast that is Saltburn (also beautiful) but the principle applies.

I mentioned, talking positivity, our #BigUpBude hashtag where we try to promote all that is good about Bude. He thought this was a fantastic idea, and as his brief blog post above mentions, he certainly had a wildlife treat while camping near Bude. Our meeting was all too short as Kendal had to move on, and I had work to do, but it was great to take in this chance to meet him on his travels.

2014-06-19 11.06.39

Kendal – travelling light

More about Kendal and his life less ordinary on his website. Meanwhile, I wish him successful travelling on Cornwall and a safe, happy journey all the way home.





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