Keep it Cornish – and #nomorenoshows

It’s more important than ever than we buy local now when we can. Also, it is not necessarily more expensive.

Recently, I ordered a small electrical item from Woolacotts in Bude. Not only was it cheaper than on Amazon and other outlets (yes, of course I checked) but it is also being delivered free to my home on Wednesday.

You get great service when you shop local, as I did today when shopping for some items at Bellini’s and also popping in to the Alchemist to discuss a bracelet repair (repaired on the spot). I can’t get absolutely everything I need/want locally, and I’m not a big spender, but have pledged to myself to use local shops when I can, as so many people in and around Bude do.

Another issue for businesses is ‘no shows’. 

Even without the pandemic, ‘no shows’ are unspeakable. They cause great damage to businesses, so please have the courtesy to cancel rather than just not turn up.

If you make a booking at a restaurant, with a hairdresser, tattooist, beauty salon, gym , taxi, sport session, or other locally-owned business, please show up, or if you can’t make it just let them know in advance.
‘No shows’ are crippling already struggling businesses across Cornwall; it’s not fair to the business or the staff.
Meanwhile, Cornwall Council is showcasing local business stories such as this one about a film production company.  There are plenty of personal stories here, so why not add yours?

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