Just another plastic bottle …

OK, this was just a one-off (well, not really because most days on my dog walks, I pick up plastic bottles) but there is no good reason for plastic bottles to be littering the countryside. It seems people just fling them from their cars when finished with. Now, if you don’t want the mess in your car, that should be telling you something, like:

  1. No one else wants the mess either, anywhere.
  2. Perhaps think about what you are eating/drinking and tossing away.

It’s not rocket science, is it?

Then today, I’ve been reading about fox cubs and other wild animals getting their heads stuck in plastic jars trying to lick the food out, leading potentially to suffocation. It’s grim.

Ideally, we need to use less plastic (and I know it isn’t easy because virtually everything is wrapped in it) so we should all be working towards that,  but failing that at least dispose of it responsibly.

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