Jeremy Vine courts controversy over Cornwall v Spain

From Twitter, presenter Jeremy Vine has courted controversy today by posing this question as tourism businesses still await info from the government.

Cornwall or Spain this summer? Spain has reopened to British tourists from today! But you still have to get on a plane. On the other hand, Cornwall is closer, but councillors have told holidaymakers they’re not welcome. So which do you choose, Cornwall or Spain?


There seem mixed responses:

  1. Some choosing to have holidays in the UK
  2. Some preferring to wait until 2021.
  3. Some preferring a Spanish welcome, feeling the Cornish don’t want them.
  4. Some choosing other parts of the country or staying home to cut risk.


St Piran Flag, Cornwall

St Piran Flag, Cornwall

Here’s a cross-section of replies:

Chris: Should all stay put. Let the virus diminish, missing one holiday won’t kill us. But taking one might!

Joe: Worth noting, there’s nobody that wants the Cornish economy to thrive more than the people who live here. Our towns, villages and entire county only blossoms with tourism being here. As soon as is legally & safely possible, we’d welcome everyone back with open arms (& pasties)

Tanya: Definitely Spain.. Cheaper.. Better weather &, nicer people

BexE: Spain and Cornwall will still be there next year. Do the right thing and stay home.

Ceri: We don’t want tourists.

Val: Cornwall, but not this year. Let’s get rid of this horrid virus first.

Emma: Neither. I choose stay home this year. Spain are economically dependent on tourism. The way people have shaped up in my area, I think Spain may regret this. The people of Cornwall deserve our consideration and respect. Holidays are not essential.

Jess: Thank you Emma, there’s some awful comments on here about the Cornish. I think most Cornish people are really welcoming. The issue is that there’s only one small hospital and high elderly population. Nice to see a respectful and friendly post.

Marie: Cornwall every time.

Derek: Stay at home, write this year off. Save the local pub and independent shops in your immediate area. Hopefully combination of vaccine and government removing lockdown and the demise of the NEW NORMAL which some t**** seem to love will make 2021 a year to holiday.

Dale: Neither I’ll go to Cornwall next year when it is safer. Cornwall has a large elderly population and poor health services wouldn’t want to take Covid there or bring it back home.

Alison: I can’t think of anything worse than getting on a plane right now. Not for me thank you.

Lara: Personally I think we should spend our money in the UK this year and support our economy. Cornwall, Devon, the Lakes, everywhere.

Lorraine: I’d rather wait for a holiday to Cornwall with our dogs, nice cottage, long walks, good pub food. Spain? No thanks.

Steve: Personally I would choose Cornwall it’s a stunning picturesque part of the country.

Julie: I think we ARE welcome in Cornwall. we cancelled our Spain holiday and booked Cornwall 4 weeks ago. no probs and we are so very much looking forward to it!…Spain can wait.

Jess:People are welcome in Cornwall, I think they are just asking people to be prepared and stay safe when visiting.

Coj: Well, not Cornwall then, if people aren’t going to be welcome (understandably), or do you do the London thing and just go anyway, claiming that London owns Cornwall….surely

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