Ivyleaf to permanently close

In what is sad news, another business in the Bude is so badly hit by the impact of Covid-19 and other events that it has been forced to close from Sunday 27th December.

On Facebook, on Christmas Eve,  Ivyleaf Driving range and campsite wrote:

Dear valued members and guests,
Firstly, everyone who has been involved with Ivyleaf for the past two and a half years would like to wish you all the happiest Christmas and here’s to hoping the new year brings us all a slightly easier ride than the rollercoaster which has been 2020.
Secondly can we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support you guys have shown us since 2018 and not least during the pandemic period which has affected so many lives and businesses since March.
This message follows up a statement we made back in the summer regarding the fact that the business had been all but decimated by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns and the fact that the future was bleak as far as our running the golf course. Unfortunately, things have in fact become worse for us, as they have for so many business owners around the country and we now face the situation that has unfortunately been inevitable for some time.
We have tried our absolute best to keep the course and CL site open for our regulars and we appreciate everyone understanding that, as the funds became lower, the playing conditions suffered as a result. Thank you again guys, it really does mean a lot.
For a while there was a glimmer of hope that new owners were interested in taking over and we were overjoyed to think that we could introduce them to you all upon assisting them into running the business. We were happy to give the business to them and assist them in learning the processes required for running the place. Unfortunately we cannot now advise as to whether or not the business will be taken over in the future and we therefore have to make decisions regarding ourselves. I do know that the guys who are interested in taking on Ivyleaf still have a genuine interest in becoming the new owners, but unfortunately we will not be able to comment further. We are sure that if this happens the new proprietors will advertise the fact to all of you and we sincerely wish them every success and the very best of luck, should things fall into place at some point in the future.
Unfortunately, the combination of running at 40% of normal turnover since March, alongside exorbitant costs associated with ongoing litigation as well as court proceedings that were brought against us in October, the funds are now completely gone and the business cannot continue.
We therefore are saddened to say that, following long discussions with our solicitors and subject to their professional advice,
From this time the whole site will be shut to public access due to removal of insurances for play and to ensure this the front gate will be locked shut. We will however have a security operative and recording CCTV in place to monitor the overall site.
If you are a caravan storage customer, please be advised that your caravans are as safe as they ever have been and we will be in touch after Christmas/New Year to give you details of the next stage in the process. However if you would like a chat before this Katie will be at reception between 9:00am and 1:00pm on Sunday 27th.
As a final farewell we are having a last “Sunday Scramble” on the 27th. Anybody who would like to come up and have a knock around with the regular crew. Whether you’re a member, a guest or someone who fancies a last catch up with everyone, just leave a message under this one (unfortunately the inbox isn’t accessible at the moment) and we will know how many mince pies to get, as well as organising the playing groups. There will be no charge whatsoever for this Sunday, the more the merrier.
Thanks again everyone, wishing you all the very best

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