Ivor Potter – local community sets up Facebook page in efforts to reverse council decision

In response to a Council decision to rename the Ivor Potter Hall in the Parkhouse Centre, local people have set up a new community Facebook page to encourage the Council to reverse its decision.

From the new Facebook page

The page states:

Following Bude Stratton Town Council’s decision to rename the Ivor Potter Hall to something they say is more appropriate, there has been public outcry. How were we all to know, we don’t all have time to go around looking for Council meeting agendas that are posted on noticeboards locally or websites. We trust the Town Council to consult the public on sensitive issues such as this. If it wasn’t for Ivor D Potter (Post Office telephones employee), the main hall in the Parkhouse Centre would not have a stage at all or other associated theatrical requirements. Ivor worked with people of all ages for over half a century, for charity, encouraging them to bring out their talents building their confidence through his theatrical societies all over the Bude district. in doing so he entertained thousands of locals and visitors alike. Indeed every summer folk travelled from Yorkshire on holiday just to see the Bude Summer Show that ran weekly throughout the season and sometimes twice weekly. The shows were always based on local themes and these were great family entertainment. Sadly, Ivor passed away all too young and this was a bitter blow to not only his family but also the local public. His legacy carried on for several years after his death. WE HAVE TO CAMPAIGN TO GET THE COUNCIL’S DECISION REVERSED.

My view: It is true that the Council added the re-naming as an agenda item which, it is also true, many people do not see, though with the Mayor’s Facebook page it has to be said that Bude is kept much more informed about Council work and decisions.

There has been a lot of unfounded criticism of the councillors over this. Yet, Bude-Stratton Council has done some sterling work especially of late, so let’s not forget that.

They may have misjudged the strength of feeling for Ivor Potter, so perhaps they will now, with greater awareness, be prepared to rethink their decision (such as Main Hall in brackets on the booking form). It’s not rocket science and can be easily mended.

People power is a wonderful thing which we still have in a thankfully democratic system, so if people are listened to, then things can be put right.

I’m not a local, I don’t even live in Bude and I never met Ivor Potter. However, I now know a lot more about him than I previously did, and he was obviously well-loved, so why not celebrate the sense of community he instilled? If the hall cannot revert in name, what else can be done in his memory?

Thanks to Lucille Opie for stirring this up in the first instance.

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